What’s a promise from Andrews worth?

“Premier Daniel Andrews must front workers at the Australian Sustainable Hardwoods’ mill in Heyfield by Friday.”

That’s the view of Member for Eastern Victoria Melina Bath in using Parliament today to call for the Premier to make good on a commitment he made last month to visit the mill before Friday 24 March.

“Last month Anthony Wilkes, a supervisor at Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH), spoke with Premier Daniel Andrews at an event in Morwell about the gravity of the situation facing ASH workers and the unresolved issue of timber supply for the mill,” Ms Bath said.

“The Premier undertook to visit Heyfield and talk with workers within four weeks. That four weeks is up on Friday.”

Mr Wilkes attended the rally of Heyfield workers and community members held outside Parliament House this morning.

“Last month the Premier assured me that he would visit Heyfield ‘within four weeks’ and shook my hand in agreeance,” Mr Wilkes said after the rally.

“But nothing has come of this.”

“The Andrews Labor Government has shown nothing but contempt for ASH workers,” Ms Bath added.

“He gave a commitment to Mr Wilkes and he has to make good on it by the end of the week.”