Wonthaggi State Coal Mine Visitor Centre Cafe

Melina BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:51): (562) My constituency question is for the Minister for Environment, and it is specifically in his portfolio under Parks Victoria. After significant lobbying in this place from the friends of the Wonthaggi State Coal Mine, there were sufficient funds to bring back the drift car, which is the underground cart, and hopefully get it up and running. But part of that funding from the state government was also to reopen the visitor centre cafe. On July 27, when the government came to town, they said the cafe would be open in September. Then after discussion with friends of the Wonthaggi State Coal Mine they were told it would be open in November. Now we see the summer season is upon us. I know the friends are wonderful people. Sheila Ormerod from friends of the Wonthaggi State Coal Mine is desperate to see it open. Minister, when will that cafe be open?