Bath anchors down on support for Corinella Boating and Angling Club

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Melina Bath has for the second year in succession called on Labor to stump up the funding shortfall for the new Corinella Boating and Angling Clubhouse in state parliament.

Ms Bath said a full year has passed since requesting Labor to address the funding gap for Corinella Boating and Angling Club and frustratingly nothing had changed for club members.

“This Club has already spent $45,000 of its hard earned fundraising dollars on plans, permits and approvals to bring this project to shovel ready.

“One year one and it’s ground hog day for club members, and it’s disappointing Labor is busy making excuses and not fully supporting this important community project.

Ms Bath said with over 200 members, the Corinella Boating and Angling Club is an active and inclusive community group that supports Bass Coast locals and as well as thousands of visitors who flock to the area.

“The Club has been waiting for years, it’s unsatisfactory that insufficient government funding is holding back a development that will serve multiple community groups in addition to fishing club.

“The Allan Government knows this project has substantial merit – it’s election commitment of $200,000 is on the table – but it falls well short of the target.

“The total investment required to build these clubrooms is modest and will benefit the Corinella community and visitors for decades to come.

“On behalf of the Corinella community, I call on the state government to provide funding for the shortfall in the upcoming May budget.

“It’s time to put an end to volunteers holding cramped meetings around the kitchen table.

“Fishing is a wonderful recreational pastime that brings people together in the great outdoors – it’s a fabulous way to relax, recharge and reinvigorate mental health.

“The Corinella Boating and Angling club deserve a clubhouse as a place to call home – leaving members lingering for another year without adequate funding is unacceptable.”