Bath backs education plan

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria and Shadow Assistant Minister for Education Melina Bath has spoken in support of the Liberal Nationals education values statement issued earlier in the week, with the following statement:

 “The Liberal Nationals School Education Values Statement is exactly about the sub-title words on its cover – improved standards, better outcomes, and more opportunities for our kids.

 NAPLAN test results are going backwards at the same time as there have been significant increases in public school funding. Whilst there might be some criticism of NAPLAN, it is a benchmark, so the results highlight problems that can’t be ignored.

 I have spoken with many teachers who are frustrated with how crammed and complicated the curriculum has become. This is made more so by the unrealistic embedding of “cross-curriculum topics” across all subject areas, and this is one of the things we think it is right to change.

 To suggest that the Education Values Statement is about abandoning Asian and Indigenous study is completely untrue. Economics, geography and history are distinct elements of the curriculum, and this is where those study areas fit, along with study of the history and development of Western culture.

 It’s also entirely appropriate to ensure that students have a better understanding of our system of government, the roles of federal, state and local government, and the history behind the democracy that is modern Australia.

 Underpinning this, a focus on literacy and numeracy has to be the core business of all schools.”