Bath calls on Minister to intervene in Wonthaggi North East planning problems

Wonthaggi North East housing precinct planning problems made its way to state parliament with The Nationals Melina Bath urging from Labor’s Minister for Planning to intervene.

Ms Bath labelled the problem ‘unacceptable’ saying the possible site contamination issues must be resolved and not at the expense of unsuspecting residents.

Ms Bath urged the Minister to intervene, review the process, and find a successful resolution to support residents.  She also sought a review of the cost imposts while maintaining environmental protections.

“Residents purchased land and built homes in the new Wonthaggi North East estate in good faith and have found themselves impacted by planning bungles involving multiple government agencies,” said Ms Bath.   

“The estate was to be a fast track housing development for a rapidly growing community, but four years later state government planning laws are causing onerous delays and increasing building costs – residents are justifiably frustrated.”

Ms Bath said the Environmental Audit Overlay introduced in 2024 by the state government impacts over 250 lots, possibly up to 1000.

“At a time when Victoria is in the midst of a housing crisis and building costs continue to rise, we need less red tape, not more.

“It’s clear an arbiter is needed for those residing in and with aspirations to build a home in the Wonthaggi North East estate.

“The Minister for Planning has a responsibility to intervene – while local Member Jordan Crugnale should be using her direct line to the Minister to expedite an acceptable resolution.

“It’s unacceptable that Labor cannot find and implement a successful resolution to support building developments in the Wonthaggi North East estate while maintaining environmental protections.”

Labor’s Minister for Planning response to Ms Bath is due on 1 June 2024.