Cruel Cuts, Tax hikes and Budget Blow outs

The Nationals Melina Bath said the Labor government’s state budget is defined by cruel cuts, tax hikes and budget blow outs after a decade of chronic mismanagement.

Ms Bath described Victoria’s economic position as ‘dire’ with net debt to reach $156 billion this coming financial year – a growing figure that will cost Victorian taxpayers $26 million a day in interest repayments by 2027.

“The state’s eye watering debt comes despite Labor increasing tax revenue 153 per cent from $17.8 billion to a projected $45 billion over this same period,” said Ms Bath.

“Under Labor, Victorians are receiving much less, paying much more all while the cost of living for struggling families is spiralling out of control.

“In delivering this horror budget the Treasurer shockingly said Labor’s cuts to essential services, tax hikes and budget blow outs were “sensible choices”.

“Cruel cuts to health, education, housing, disability, infrastructure, senior programs, community crime prevention, emergency management, roads, waste and recycling, and wellbeing support for students are inappropriate and foolish.

“Instead of acknowledging Labor’s critical failures, the Treasurer chose to deflect and blame “world challenges” – conveniently ignoring the fact no other Australian state is in the appalling financial position Victoria is.

“The fact remains Victoria’s debt is greater than Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania’s combined – a record that is shameful.

“Labor’s frightful mismanagement over the past decade is scandalous and its priorities are wrong – this is a government that does not help families it’s hampers them.

“Today’s budget categorically proves Labor can’t manage money and Victorians are paying the price.”