The Nationals secure an end to telemarketing energy upgrade barrage

Victorians’ mobile phones should be a little quieter after a ban has been introduced on nuisance telephone calls from companies spruiking the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) scheme.

The ban secured by The Nationals came into place on 1st May and also extends to door knocking.

The new law following a review of the practices used to sell the Victorian Government energy upgrade scheme that used high pressure sales tactics to sell government subsidised solar systems, heating upgrades, hot water upgrades and LED lighting.

Nationals MP, Melina Bath said the ban on telemarketing was long overdue as Victorians were tired of the constant intrusion in their daily lives.

“As of the start of May accredited providers of the VEU scheme are not allowed to cold call a person to promote any products and services,” said Ms Bath

“While the ban on door knocking will come into effect on August 1st.”

The Nationals have been calling for urgent action on rogue telemarketing calls given the frequency and shonky tactics used by some companies to push the Victorian government’s energy upgrades scheme.

The new laws which companies must comply with will be enforced by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) and companies found to be in breach will be liable for fines of up to $46,000.

Ms Bath said Labor’s Minister for the Environment deemed the telemarketing of the VEU scheme was under control through its “Code of Conduct”, but it was clearly deficient.

“My constituents report they have been bombarded by constant disruptive and nuisance telemarketing practices,” Ms Bath said.

“It should not have taken two years for the telemarketing ban to be enacted given the relentless technological scams that intimidate innocent people – all Victorians deserve these protections.

“I encourage anyone who receives a cold call spruiking the Victorian Government’s Energy Upgrades scheme to report them – take note of the company and or telephone number, tell the operator you’re reporting them and hang up.”

Reporting of breaches of Victoria’s new telemarketing laws can be made by calling the ESC on (03) 9032 1310 or email

Online complaints can also be lodged with Consumer Affairs Victoria online at