Bath says roll up your sleeve and say no to flu!

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath is encouraging Gippslanders to have their flu shot during May.

Ms Bath said that receiving your flu shot no longer necessitates a visit to your GP with local pharmacies now offering the service.

“Protecting yourself from flu has is now convenient, quick and easy,” said Ms Bath.

Health experts are predicting a record flu season with a sharp rise in the cases recorded already than experienced at the same time during 2018.

Ms Bath said it is important that influenza is taken seriously.

“Flu is much more than a headache or congested nose that passes in a week.  It has potential to leave you seriously unwell and bedridden for weeks.

“Influenza poses a significant threat to yours and the community’s health, quickly spreading from one person to another.

“Alarmingly this flu season across Australia is predicted to take around 4000 lives this year.

“The young, the elderly and the sick are most at risk.

“Even if you’re a healthy adult it is still important that you receive a vaccination so we stop the spread of disease and protect vulnerable people living in our community.

“It is well understood fact that increasing community immunity is the best way to protect us all from spreadable diseases.”

Many members of the community are eligible for free vaccines under the National Immunisation Program including adults over 65 years, adults and children with certain medical conditions, pregnant women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged six months and over.