Labor inaction allows illegal logging protest to continue

Ten days on and illegal protestors continue to stop a legal Gippsland timber harvesting operator starting work with no action from the Andrews Labor Government.

Robin Logging Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated Gippsland business engaged to harvest a timber coupe located near Noojee.

Robin Logging could not commence work with illegal protestors locking up their equipment and installing tree sits on their worksite 10 days ago.

Ms Bath said Robin Logging are incredibly frustrated at the complete inaction of the Andrews Labor Government.

“On Monday I wrote to Agriculture Minister, Jaclyn Symes insisting she immediately intervene in the protest,” said Ms Bath.

“The issue continues to drag on due to a lack of available State Government resources to remove the protestors.

“It is imperative the Andrews Labor Government immediately deploys the necessary resources and initiates the removal of the illegal protestors from Robin Logging’s worksite.

Ms Bath said owner Colin Robin is extremely frustrated as he cannot access his machinery to either commence work at the coupe or to redeploy the equipment elsewhere.

“It is completely unacceptable for a lawful business to be impacted by the unlawful activity of illegal activists.

“The protestor’s illegal activity is preventing Mr Robin from meeting his contractual obligations and he still has significant operating costs to meet.

“It is time the Andrews Labor Government stop toying with the livelihood of our native timber industry workers.

“Regional communities and small businesses are hurting with 12 Gippsland families directly impacted.”