BlueFloat Energy’s Gippsland Offshore Wind Project announcement

Comments from Melina Bath MP, The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region

Investment in new energy jobs presents an opportunity for Gippsland, however we must be active participants in such projects.

The Nationals will continue to advocate for sustainable long term careers for locals, including the use of local expertise in manufacturing, engineering, construction and maintenance.

It’s fair to say our community expects more than short term, localised benefits – given the scope of the project, establishing stakeholder relationships that benefit locals in the long term will be central to its acceptance.

Comments from Danny O’Brien, Member for Gippsland South

There are enormous opportunities for Gippsland from offshore wind, but they are not guaranteed just because we are located close to the waters wind farms will be built in.

The Government has now confirmed it will establish a Victorian renewable energy terminal at the Port of Hastings, effectively turning its back on Gippsland ports, such as Barry Beach, which are closer to most of the proposed offshore wind farms.

While I’m sure there will be localised benefits from the ongoing operation and maintenance of the facilities, we need construction and supply chain jobs to be created locally for both our engineering and energy sector in Gippsland. The Port of Hastings gives us no competitive advantage.

We need a dedicated strategy from the government to ensure Gippsland actually sees the benefits from these developments, not just the costs like transmission lines.”