Comm Games financial black hole must be uncovered

The Andrews Government must come clean on the true cost the 2026 cancelled Commonwealth Games mess said The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria, Melina Bath.

A member of the Parliamentary Select Committee investigating the cancellation of the Games, Ms Bath said Victorians deserve to understand the full cost of Labor’s Games debacle.

“The Premier is attempting to hide behind ‘legal agreements’ and so called ‘confidential business cases’ to protect his own political skin – it’s certainly not in the best interests of Victorians.

“The cost of the cancelled Games will be far greater than the $360 million compensation package.

“Victorians have paid for the initial Games bid, the establishment of the local Games Authority, procurement, consultants, lawyers, office refurbishments, administration, employees, marketing, travel…. the list goes on.

“Then there is the exorbitant $620,000 a year salary of Labor’s Games Chief Jerome Weimar – will Victorians be forced to pay out his full employment contact?”

Ms Bath said Victorians have every right to feel duped by the Labor Government over the Games.

“The Andrews Government has blown billions on mismanagement and waste over the last few years – these projects and budget blowouts cannot be brushed off as “difficult calls”.

“Now we learn that Labor was warned over it’s risky and rushed Commonwealth Games bid.

“It is a heartless government that continually squanders billions when so many in our community are struggling to make ends meet during a cost of living crisis.”