Community digs in over the Newhaven Jetty closure

A community meeting called to address the shock closure of the Newhaven Jetty has vowed to continue to fight the Allan Albor Government until it restores and reopens it.

Facilitating the meeting, were women in fishing advocate Amanda Keilar, Saltwater Phillip Island Restaurant owner, Ben Dennis and The Nationals Melina Bath, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Public Land Use.

The community’s call to action was for the Allan Government to commit to fully funding the jetty upgrade and a timeline for its construction and reopening.

In vowing to back the Bass Coast community, Ms Bath said she will continue to advocate for the historic Newhaven Jetty to be fixed.

“It is shocking that the Labor Government’s only move was to erect unsightly mesh fencing, lock people out and state it would be closed ‘indefinitely’, rather than communicate any plans that provides certainty for its upgrades and future.

“While Labor claims concerns for the jetty’s structural integrity, the south arm has been fenced off for six years without any investment to rectify its underlying issues – the government has known of the problem for years and failed to act.

“Newhaven Jetty joins an ever-growing list of Parks Victoria assets falling into disrepair – right across the state we are seeing a wicked situation where public assets and public land are not being actively maintained.”

Attendees were invited to sign the Save Newhaven Jetty parliamentary petition sponsored by Melina Bath MP and join the community Facebook group.

Ms Bath said if the Allan Government had delivered funding for pier and jetty maintenance, then Newhaven Jetty and others like it would not be left to rot.

“There is a dedicated funding stream from marine registrations and fees to maintain jetties, it’s a shame the public must hold a demonstration to get Labor’s attention to fix neglected public assets.

“The Bass Coast community has today demonstrated its resolve to not let their jetty become another one that simply disappears.

“Newhaven Jetty has great social, economic, and educational value – dropping a line and going for a walk is all about connecting with the landscape which actively supports the Bass Coast’s visitor economy.

“Being a non-commercial jetty it has unique appeal for our land based anglers to enjoy a positive and accessible fishing experience with their family, making it all the more important to save.

“I am calling on Labor to fix the Newhaven Jetty in a timeframe that meets community expectations.”