Labor’s change of tack on Newhaven Jetty closure disingenuous

Significant pressure from locals and The Nationals Melina Bath has seen the Allan Labor Government wriggle away from its plans to keep the Newhaven jetty closed indefinitely.

Melina Bath, the Liberal and Nationals’ Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Public Land Use raised the indefinite New Haven jetty closure in state parliament with the Minister for Ports on behalf of the community stakeholders. The Minister’s response is due 27 June.

Ms Bath said at the start of May the State Government announced an ‘indefinite jetty’ closure with ‘no current plans to reopen or repair it’.

“Following a tidal wave of community outcry, the Allan Labor Government is showing signs of backing down in an attempt to water down negative publicity,” said Ms Bath.

“The recent statement on 30 May from a ‘government spokesperson’ saying ‘funding will be prioritised’, does not provide the community comfort or an acceptable level of commitment to fix the jetty.

“Bass Coast locals are justified in their scepticism of the Allan Government’s vague words, given its recent school funding backflip in the region.

“Labor cruelly reneged on its $5.6 million election commitment to the San Remo Primary School, taking its promised funds off the table in the May state budget.

“Newhaven Jetty stakeholders deserve absolute clarity from the Allan Government.

“The community is seeking an announcement from Minister for Ports for full funding, a project timeline and re-opening date – anything less is disingenuous.

“Given the southern arm of the jetty has been locked up since 2018 and the Allan Labor Government hasn’t invested one dollar towards repairing it in the past six years, locals won’t back down.

“The community meeting and campaign to fully reopen Newhaven Jetty will continue.

“The social and economic impacts of the Newhaven Jetty closure are too great to ignore – locals are standing firm, and I will continue my advocacy on behalf of the community.”