Constituency Question – Commonwealth Games

Melina BATH (Eastern Victoria) (14:31): (294) My question is for the Minister for Regional Development. On 3 May the minister said in this house, and I quote:

… the Commonwealth Games, as part of Victoria 2026, will deliver to rural and regional Victoria, and that is why when we turn the eyes of the world to rural and regional Victoria and to the electorates of a number of people here on the opposition benches, who say they prioritise their communities, a return on investment of $3 billion is no laughing matter. An opportunity for volunteers, for school children, for jobs and indeed for a whole range of opportunities to come to the regions is no laughing matter.

My Latrobe Valley constituents know the colossal vacuum of lost opportunities for business and international tourism is no laughing matter. Minister, how much of your hypothetical slated $2 billion will actually go to Gippsland in terms of priority sporting projects, tourism projects and social and affordable housing?