Constituency Question – South Gippsland Highway urgent repairs

Melina BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:51): (479) My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. Like most Gippslanders, having a roadworthy vehicle is essential to accessing work, social interaction and the provision of necessities. However, this government does not ensure that our country roads are carworthy. Recently, travelling from Fish Creek to Yanakie, Jake Staley struck, as he called it, an abomination of a patched and disintegrating pothole, in the process causing $1000 worth of damage to his car tyre and rim but less than the $1500 threshold for reimbursement from VicRoads. Also a frustration are the speed reduction signs at Koonwarra saleyards and at Ruby. The road conditions have not changed in the last few months, even years, yet motorists are being forced to drive to 80 kilometres. Noting successive road maintenance budget cuts, will you fix the South Gippsland Highway to be roadworthy and stop wrecking cars that belong to my constituents?