Labor’s patient tax grab to impact healthcare access in Eastern Vic

Labor’s General Practitioner (GP) and Allied Health professional tax grab has been described by Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) as the “biggest existential threat to general practice” in Victoria.

The RACGP is predicting a mass GP clinic closure in Victoria if Labor’s health tax proceeds after its poll indicated that over one third of clinics will consider moving their practice interstate as a result of the Labor Government Health tax.

The Nationals are continuing to demand Labor’s health tax be withdrawn immediately.

The Allan Labor Government’s new payroll tax for GP’s and Allied Health professionals is to be applied retrospectively and will substantially increase the cost of seeing a GP in Victoria or in some cases cause clinics to shut their doors permanently.

The State Revenue Office has begun contacting the 1500 GP clinics in Victoria demanding pay details dating back 10 years in preparation to apply the tax.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria, Melina Bath is continuing to condemn Labor’s heath tax stating, “it will negatively impact Victoria’s already struggling heath system on multiple fronts and cause substantially poorer health outcomes for patients”.

“Some clinics will close as they’re unable to absorb Labor’s tax burden, our struggling public hospital emergency departments will become more overrun, patient health will be compromised and Victorian’s who can see a GP will be paying significantly more,” said Ms Bath.

“The Nationals have serious concerns about the impact of the health tax on regional Victorians who already struggle with limited access to healthcare.

“Securing an appointment to see a GP’s outside the tram tracks of Melbourne is already problematic right across eastern Victoria – Labor health tax will only erect more barriers for my constituents.

“Our GP’s and Allied Health professionals are the backbone of our health system.

“They proactively reduce the demand on our public hospitals and outpatient services through the treatment of illness, health screening, issuing of prescriptions, providing sound advice and preventative health programs.

“The Labor Government must withdraw its health tax so our GP’s and Allied Health professional can continue to support the health and wellbeing of community and take the load of our under resourced public hospitals.”