Dan’s duck hunting talk is misleading politics

The Andrews Government’s talk of a total ban on duck hunting is an attempt to disguise and deflect from the real issues facing Victorians.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath is calling on Premier Daniel Andrews to focus on the important issues impacting families.

“The Andrews Labor should instead be using all resources at its disposal to fix issues impacting all Victorians such properly resourcing our broken health system and the addressing the deepening cost-of-living crisis”, said Ms Bath.

“Pardon the pun, but it’s time the Premier got his ducks in a row and focused on real priorities.

“A duck hunting ban was not taken to polls – there is a plethora of pressing problems adversely affecting families right now and this is not one of them.

“Upon his re-election Daniel Andrews promised he would govern for all – but he’s deflecting attention away from the important issues impacting the lives and livelihoods of everyday people.

“Duck hunting is hardly the most pressing issue facing the state government.

“My constituents would prefer real action on the Triple Zero ambulance crisis and our crumbling regional roads as well as needed improvements in public safety, housing affordability, homelessness and the number of children living in out of home care.”

Ms Bath said Daniel Andrews may be Premier for another four years, but his government needs reminding it was overwhelming rejected by regional Victorians at the November state election.

“Many of my eastern Victorian constituents take umbrage at the lack of understanding and falsehoods that the Andrews Government continues to pedal when it comes to recreational duck hunting,” said Ms Bath.

“Recreational hunting is a legitimate and disciplined pastime enjoyed by many country people – participants can be young, old, tradies, professionals, men and women and their negative portrayal for the sake of politics is unjust,” said Ms Bath.

“Duck hunting remains a well-regulated past time and while the science and waterfowl surveys continue to show evidence of healthy populations, it’s sustainable.

“In my experience, recreational duck hunters explicitly care for our natural environment and participate in volunteer habitat restoration works including tree planting and weeds and pest control.

“Look no further than Heart Morass in Sale which was painstakingly transformed by Field & Game volunteers from a barren wasteland to a thriving RAMSAR listed wetland.

“I am calling on the Andrews Labor Government to stop endeavouring to disguise the real issues affecting Victorians and respect our law-abiding recreational hunters”.