Labor fails to answer questions as Latrobe River bridge closure drags on

Labor fails to answer questions as Latrobe River bridge closure drags on

The Andrews Labor Government has failed to respond to questioning and provide emergency funding to reopen the old Latrobe River Bridge while the new bridge is under construction.

Tyers residents continue to be put at risk with the old bridges remaining closed hampering safe and quick access into town.

Regional Roads Victoria stated the old structure is compromised following several flood events in 2022 and can’t be reopened without repairs.

At the community’s request in state parliament, The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath requested the Andrews Government fund and undertake urgent temporary repairs to reopen the old bridge while the new bridge is under construction.

“It’s one month since I sought this action on behalf of Tyers residents and the Andrews Government has failed to respond.

“Residents are justifiably upset, and I continue to receive inquiries from frustrated community members.

“The Latrobe River Bridge is important infrastructure that provides safe and easy passage between Tyers to Traralgon for school, work, access to medical services, shopping, public transport, and emergency management.

“The financial stress of having the bridge closed places a large strain on household budgets – as the cost of living continues to rise many are feeling the financial strain.

“Public transport to Tyers ceases when the bridge is closed and emergency response for fire, police and ambulance are all jeopardised.

“The Tyers CFA volunteers have outlined their concerns at being hampered in their ability to respond.

“With fire season officially declared this week, the Andrews Government must allocate funds and instigate urgent temporary repairs to open the old bridge.”

The new Latrobe River bridge, promised by the State Government in 2015 is still under construction eight years after Daniel Andrews labelled it “long overdue”.

Ms Bath said the unacceptably long wait for the new bridge and the extended closure of the old bridge has caused enormous frustration for locals.

“When this project first began, the state government wrote to residents and assured them the old bridge would remain open but as fire season commences residents must have quick access in and out of town.

“The Andrews Labor Government must immediately restore access between Tyers and Traralgon and advise residents when the bridge project will finally be completed,” Ms Bath said.