Labor’s new drought support offer completely misses the mark…………AGAIN

The Andrews Labor Government latest drought relief offer falls completely short of the rate relief Gippsland farmers are crying out for.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath said the Andrews Labor Government’s newly announced Pasture Recovery and Management Grant Program is tokenism and an insult to struggling Gippsland farmers.

“Offering dollar for dollar grants shows a state government out of touch with the reality of financial stress faced by our farmers.

“Gippsland farmers are spending up to $2000 a day on fodder and food to keep their stock alive and they are swamped with mounting bills they cannot afford to pay.

“Daniel Andrews must comprehend that our farmers do not have the surplus cash to access co-contribution grants.

“It is time the state government became serious about supporting drought affected Gippsland farmers.

“The Premier needs to show respect and compassion to Gippsland’s farmers and deliver real financial support.

“I am calling on Daniel Andrews to visit drought affected Gippsland and brings with him the rate relief that farmers are desperately asking him for.”