Landcare plays an important role in Gippsland

Shadow Assistant Minister for Public Land Use and The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath has highlighted the importance of Landcare following her visit to Korumburra recently.

Ms Bath said she is committed working with community groups such as Landcare to improve sustainability of land use in Gippsland.

“On becoming a parliamentarian almost four years ago, the Powlett river regeneration project was one of my first ‘hands-on’ activities and I was pleased to return and view how well the native species have taken hold,” said Ms Bath.

“The jointly funded project at Powlett river was undertaken to halt erosion, enhance biodiversity and a create wildlife corridor for local fauna.”

“It is wonderful to see the trees in good condition and watch a wallaby foraging beside the creek.

South Gippsland and Bass Coast Landcare play an important role in protecting the natural environment and improving on farm sustainability.

Ms Bath said Landcare has traditionally been embraced by farming communities and individuals and for decades has worked to enhance natural assets and increase productive farmland.

“Importantly Landcare educates and promotes a sustainable approach to land management practices from which we all benefit,” said Ms Bath.

“An ongoing concern to all is the need to prioritise resources to eradicate invasive weeds such as blackberry, thistle and ragwort on both private and public land.

“Roadside weeds continue to invade private farmland causing frustration to farmers.

“It is important that the state government tackle this issue and support local eradication programs.”