Letter to the Editor – Clean Up Australia Day an important opportunity

Clean Up Australia Day is only days away (Sunday 5th March).

It is an important event which provides our community with an opportunity to help keep our beautiful landscape and waterways clean.

It is also a chance to raise awareness and reinforce messaging that continues education around the harmful impacts of littering.

Whilst it isn’t ‘fun’ or easy to clean up someone else’s mess, we all need to take responsibility for our waste to ensure our environment is maintained.

As an avid bush user, I’m deeply passionate about public land and understand the need to look after our natural environment.

Clean Up Australia Day serves as an opportunity to remove litter that careless people have left behind so it doesn’t end up in our waterways or strewn across our parks and gardens or state and national parks.

If we all adopt the strategy of taking responsibly for our own waste, then there will be little or no mess for someone else to clean up.

Our environment is precious, and we need to look after it. By cleaning up and disposing of our waste responsibly, we can each make a positive contribution.

To be involved in Clean Up Australia Day is completely free.

I encourage everyone to look for a local Clean Up Australia Day activity in their local area.

Details on local events can be found online at https://www.cleanup.org.au/events

Together we can all make an important difference to our local environment.


Melina Bath MP
The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Public Land Use