Statement on Duck Hunting

The Andrews Government’s announcement of that the 2023 duck season will only run for five weeks with a four-bag limit and 8AM start time is a disgraceful slur on Gippsland’s law abiding recreational shooters.

Duck season in Victoria is a highly regulated activity that injects millions into our local economy.

Our local recreational hunters are passionate about positive environmental outcomes having spent countless hours transforming Heart Morass from a wasteland into an internationally recognised thriving wetland.

Our recreation hunters are the true conservationists and the Andrews Government painting them any other way is shameful.

The Andrews Government is shutting down recreational hunting by stealth.

The government’s own research reported not one recreational hunter exceeded their bag limit during in the 802 checks under during the previous season – asserting hunters are not doing complying with regulations is plain wrong.

Labor’s decision has nothing to do with positive environmental outcomes but has everything to do with appeasing activists and securing needed support in the upper house of state parliament from the Animal Justice Party and Greens MPs to pass other legislation.