LVA’s Transition Plan, an expensive propaganda piece

The Latrobe Valley and Gippsland Transition plan released by the Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA) is an expensive Labor Government propaganda piece lacking accountability.

The Nationals have slammed the LVA and Andrews Government over its transition plan for failing to commit to one tangible or measurable action for the Latrobe Valley.

Member for Morwell, Martin Cameron was scathing of the LVA’s transition plan labelling it a wasted opportunity for Latrobe Valley.

Mr Cameron said we’re haemorrhaging jobs here in the Valley and this document demonstrates that the Andrews Government doesn’t have the solutions for our future.

“The LVA and Labor has failed time and again to address Morwell’s extremely high unemployment.

“There’s been no successful investment establishing new industry in Latrobe Valley.

“Big promises like SEA Electric and the Commonwealth Games were farcical and the SEC is nothing more than a nostalgic headline.

Morwell’s unemployment rate is unacceptably high at 11.5 per cent – this is the town the LVA office is located – the problems are right under the state government’s nose, and its plan does nothing to address it.

“Like my constituents I am deeply invested in a positive future for our region – it’s a pity that the LVA with its abundance of funds and time has produced a plan without accountability that comes straight out of Labor’s playbook.”

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath who established a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Latrobe Valley in 2021 said the latest LVA instalment should be a blueprint for our Valley, but it fails on multiple fronts.

“The LVA has had $300 million over six years to produce a strategic roadmap, yet it’s produced nothing more than a glossy promotional brochure based on Labor ideology.

“Lacking in leadership, the so called extensive consultation did not encompass grassroots workers in hardwood forestry, paper manufacturing, coal, or gas industries.

“The LVA’s transition plan categorically ignores the urgency to establish new industries for our highly skilled workers in which to transition – there’s not one concrete target, timeline, or measurable outcome.”