Melina Bath MP becomes Blood Bank Secret Santa

With one week until the start of the start of the Christmas and New Year holiday period, The Nationals Melina Bath is encouraging the public to get behind the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s Secret Santa drive.

The blood bank’s Secret Santa promotion is reminding people to keep donating blood and give the gift of life over the peak holiday period.

Ms Bath said during holiday periods it is particularly important for people in our community to continue donating blood.  It is also a great time for new donors to sign up as blood supplies are in high demand.

“Blood supplies run low over peak holiday periods and the increase in demand unfortunately corresponds with us all squeezing extra functions into our calendars.  This can make regular appointments like attending blood bank difficult to keep.

“The reality is demand for blood and blood products does not drop over this period.  More often than not it increases, so it is important to remember people with medical conditions still require blood and platelet transfusions so their treatments can continue.”

People from all walks of life require blood treatments every single day of the year.  Transfusions are required as a result of a serious accident, unexpected medical episode or to maintain an individual’s health and treat disease.

“Across Australia 27,000 patients each and every week are reliant on blood donations”, said Ms Bath.

“Christmas is known as a time of giving and donating blood is an incredibly important gift.  It is a fabulous way to help others over the festive period with one single donation able to be made into 22 different medical treatments.

“Essentially that is 22 separate lifesaving gifts you can give and the only cost to you is time.

“Being a Secret Santa for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service only takes one hour and the reality is it could change someone’s life which is why I happily joined the program,” concluded Ms Bath.