Pork Inquiry an appalling pig and a poke

The Nationals Melina Bath has lashed the Allan Government after Victoria primary producers were attacked by another Labor and Animal Justice Party stacked parliamentary inquiry.

Ms Bath’s comments come after an upper house Committee report into Pig Welfare in Victoria was released today and slammed for its lack of impartiality, fairness, and consideration of scientific evidence.

Ms Bath said, ‘history was repeating itself’ and described the pork industry inquiry a ‘political stunt’ lead by the Animal Justice Party (AJP) and endorsed by Labor MPs.

“The inquiry was instigated by animal activists in another push to end livestock farming in Victoria,” said Ms Bath.

“In supporting the AJP, Labor has once again sold out our farmers – history is repeating itself and this pork industry inquiry report is farm trespass 2.0.

“AJP and Labor know there is no mandate to end livestock farming in Victoria – however they are attempting to strangle the industry by stealth through the introduction of extreme, costly, and unnecessary regulatory pressure.”

Following the tabling, Ms Bath immediately moved a motion in state parliament on behalf of The Nationals which calls on the government to reject the extreme elements of the report.

Ms Bath said it is imperative that the parliament works to reflect science and facts and reject the view of extremists.

“The Nationals will always stand up for our law abiding farmers and push back against blatant attacks – I thank my Nationals Northern Victoria colleague, Gaelle Broad for her exceptional work on the pork industry inquiry.

“It is unfathomable that Labor MP’s have again used an inquiry to support extreme animal activists and not our world class and highly regulated primary producers.”

“Pork is the second most consumed meat in Australia, and it is a vital component of our food chain – I think the public will ridicule the AJP and Labor for going after their breakfast bacon and ham sandwich.

“The Victorian pork industry has clearly demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving animal welfare standards and deserves our support.

“Instead of working with the Animal Justice Party to strangle our livestock industry, the Allan Government should be holding animal activists to account for illegal trespass on farms.”

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