Research your land tax liability

New land tax thresholds introduced by the Allan Government on January 1 this year have seen eastern Victorian landholders begin receiving a land tax bill for the first time.

Land tax is one of the 55 new taxes, fees or charges introduced by Labor in Victoria in the past ten years. The tax applies to investment properties, unoccupied homes, holiday homes, commercial properties, or vacant land.

Land tax assessments are generally issued between January and June each year as part of the Labor’s Covid Debt Repayment Plan.

As accounts are issued from the State Revenue Office to land owners, The Nationals Melina Bath is urging landholders to carefully check their liability before paying.

“There has many examples of land tax bills being incorrectly issued to people, organisations and community groups who qualify for exemptions.

“I have raised with the Treasurer local examples where eastern Victorians have been issued a land tax bill for land that they do not own,” said Ms Bath.

The Allan Government rammed the legislation through the upper house of state parliament late last year after securing a deal with the Greens.

Labor’s new land tax has resulted in many people receiving a land tax bill for the first time, even if there was a previous exemption under old legislation.

Ms Bath said it is important to note that while residents may no longer be eligible for an exemption based on property value alone, there are other exemptions, and it is important to check the criteria before paying.

“The most common exemptions include if the property is your principal place of residence or if the land is used for primary production, while there is also exemptions that community groups and not-for-profit organisations may be eligible for.

“I am urging anyone who has received a land tax bill for the first time and is unsure of their rights to ensure they are not paying tax when they should not be.

“In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis it is unfathomable land tax has been introduced by the Allan Government when people can least afford it.

“It is wrong that everyday Victorians are being punished with new taxes that are clearly aimed at revenue raising to pay for Labor’s overspending and economic mismanagement.”

Information on land tax including how to apply for an exemption can be found online at or by contacting the State Revenue Office (SRO) on 132 161 during business hours.