Recreational prospectors and miners ignored by Labor

Victoria’s recreational prospectors and miners have panned the Andrews Labor Government for failing to meet to discuss proposed changes that will severely limit access to public land.

In May, Labor’s Resources Minister agreed to meet with the Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria (PMAV) to discuss the group’s concerns on recommendations being considered by government to lock up more public land, as well as their growing frustration in navigating complex red tape.

Today in Parliament, Shadow Assistant Minister for Public Land Use Melina Bath asked the Minister to explain why the request still hadn’t been followed through – three months later.

“PMAV’s request has been met with three months of stony silence, despite the Minister being immediately provided with the relevant contact details,” Ms Bath said.

“Members of the prospecting and mining community want and deserve the right to detail their concerns.

“Daniel Andrews likes to say his government will ‘govern for all Victorians’ but it’s clear the Premier and his Ministers are merely paying lip service to their ‘promise’ and failing to follow through.”

PMAV are also seeking to discuss problems with licencing arrangements and frustrating delays dealing with the Earth Resources department.

“An application process that should take three months to complete is taking eighteen months, at considerable cost,” Ms Bath said.

“The Resources Minister made a commitment to meet with the PMAV – it’s time she kept her word and heard from Victoria’s recreational prospecting and mining community.”

The Minister has 30 days to respond to Ms Bath’s question.