SES Leongatha Unit

Melina BATH (Eastern Victoria) (13:25): Last week I had the honour of attending the Leongatha SES annual awards to share in the celebration and acknowledge national emergency medals and years of service awards. Spend any time with the Leongatha SES unit and you can see why they are considered so highly in the Victorian State Emergency Service. They are an incredible, professional and dedicated team, but they are also a family. For services rendered during the Eastern Victoria 2019–20 bushfires, the national emergency medals were presented to unit controller Matt Saario, a brand new dad for the fourth time; Michael Grigglestone; and Rhonda Chapman. The national service award of 25 years was presented to Stuart Hall; 15 years to Matt Saario, Ken Griffith and Judy McLeod; and 10 years to Michael Grigglestone. A special mention to day duty officer Val Bremner, an awesome lady, for 30 years serving our community. We love you and we thank you all for the work you do.