Where is the new Morwell Ambulance Station?

The Morwell community has been left wondering where its promised new ambulance station is after the Andrews Government finally released plans for the Moe ambulance station last week.

The Andrews Government said it would build a new ambulance station in Morwell, allocating funds in the state budget over six years ago in 2015.

In 2016 a similar commitment was made to build a new Moe ambulance station.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath said at the time the Andrews Government stated, ‘planning and design works were underway’ for both projects and in 2018 prior to the state election, Labor even erected signs advertising both stations would be delivered in 2019.

“It is unfathomable that it’s taken five long years for the Andrews Government to release the design of the Moe Ambulance station, but it’s now six years since Labor promised the new Morwell station and locals still have nothing but an empty block of land,” said Ms Bath.

“The delay in building and delivering Morwell’s new ambulance station is totally unacceptable – especially as Labor spruiked at the time ‘patients will get faster care when they need it’.”

Ms Bath said the Andrews Government must explain the unacceptable delay – the Morwell community has not forgotten what was promised and neither have I.

“Our hardworking paramedics deserve safe and fit for purpose facilities to better enable them to meet the emergency medical care needs in Latrobe Valley,” said Ms Bath.

“Ambulance response times in Latrobe Valley have deteriorated under Daniel Andrews with Code 1 Ambulance response times at 77.2%, well below Ambulance Victoria’s expected 90% performance standard.”

“Despite the best efforts of our hardworking and committed paramedics, longer ambulance response times means that more people are waiting longer to receive the critical medical attention they need.

“This vital project seems to be on the never, never and it is difficult to predict when or if it will materialise under Daniel Andrews.

“Too many projects receive a bells and whistles announcement but fail on outcomes – communities are forced to wait for excruciatingly unacceptable periods of time – it’s a case of ‘nothing to see here’ under Labor.”

Ms Bath said ambulance ramping in Latrobe Valley was increasing and the unacceptable delay in delivering new ambulance stations has contributed to the longest patient wait times in five years.

“I am calling on the Andrews Government to provide an explanation on Morwell’s new ambulance station and provide the community a timeline for its expected delivery,” said Ms Bath.